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Data Entry Test- You need to Read the Words from the first Box and type the words in the second box below.
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If you want to get a job that requires you to type fast and correctly, you should try improve your typing skills as soon as possible. Many people can type about 45 words per minute, but this doesn't require special skills. In order to get that data entry job you applied for, you should learn how to type faster than this. The typing speed will be tested during an interview for any computer related job so its best if you come prepared and prove your skills.

If you just applied for a data entry position and need to improve before the interview takes place, make use of one of the several tests you can find on the internet. All these tests are similar. You will be presented with a timer and a spell checker. In most cases, you will not have more than 60 seconds at your disposal. A good idea is to repeat the tests until you are satisfied with the results and you will notice your typing skills have improved significantly. Of course, the phrases must also be correct and containing as few typos as possible. There are a few tricks you could learn such as paying attention to the location of the key. Use the numbers located above the letters as this will come in handy when you encounter a long piece of text. If you persist and dedicate a whole day to learning how to type faster, you will surely get that job you applied for.